meet megan nash

A few years ago, four words changed my whole life: listen to your gut. My gut was the source of answers to health issues that plagued my early twenties and the source of confidence I needed to quit my corporate gig and help others find flourishing health. 

My journey to becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner began with extreme fatigue, bloating constipation, stomach aches, joint pain, head fog and anxiety. For years, I tried anything available to feel better, but prescriptions and trendy health hacks left me hopeless.

Finally, I looked deeper into my gut, and functional testing revealed I was battling tremendous inflammation from issues like candida, parasites, dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue. Examining my test results holistically revealed how my diet and lifestyle affected my mental, physical and gut health in ways I never would've guessed.

Everything changed when I discovered the power of food as medicine. I started mindfully eating, following an individualized nutrition plan, and I could feel the impact on my daily energy and inflammation. With a strategic supplement protocol and diet, I healed my symptoms, balanced my hormones, and changed my life.

Revitalizing my health was so impactful, I immediately knew I wanted to bring the same healing to others. So I studied to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), and Certified International Health Coach (CIHC).

I’m passionate about creating individualized plans that help my clients reach their own health and weight goals. With a focus on accountability and integration, I’ll help you create adjustments that make you feel better and coach you to build a routine that promotes lasting results.

Listen to your gut, and if something feels off, reach out. Whether you're just interested in learning how to manage your diet, lose weight or want to heal digestive issues, I’m here to help. It’s time to create the healthy life you deserve!